Walk if you care

Implementation of the project was possible thanks to the cooperation with local firefighting and rescue organizations: Special Rescue Group Nowy Sącz, hostel Hala Łabowska, hostel Jaworzyna Krynicka. The training program included a full training for a group of foresters, rescuers from the OSP GRS Nowy Sącz group, bicycle accidents and CPR + AED training for tourists.

The programme of the training:

14.09.2017 Thursday
Closed training for the foresters in Nowy Sącz – traumatic events and sudden life threatening accidents

15.09.2017 Friday
Closed training for the specialist rescuers – a rescue operation on the wooden bridge in Rytro
19.00  Cyrla Mountain Shelter
Open training: CPR and AED training

16.09.2017 Saturday
13.00 Hala Labowska PTTK Mountain Shelter
Open training for the bicycle riders aimed at mountain accidents during riding in the mountains

17.09.2017 Sunday
11.00 Jaworzyna Krynicka – the Grand Finale of the project
Open workshops on the first aid and CPR


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