Our meeting in Państwo-Miasto

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On the 30th of March, 2017 another meeting of the „Safe Water Safe Land” volunteers was held in Warsaw’s social-cafe „Państwo-Miasto”. There were 18 (!) of us, including some two two-years-old, but already well-seasoned travelers-rescuers. Their travels were mostly about bouncing between chairs and under the table J.

At the meeting, we discussed the projects that were in progress and shared experiences of the already realized activities. One of the most important things to discuss was, of course, the next training projects. In the vote, Burma won almost unanimously. A lot of us want to go there and the working group is strong, so Myanmar is at 99% probability :)

The competitive idea of ​​action in Africa is postponed in time. There were also new ideas for training courses in Cuba and Brazil. In turn, the issue of the Tatra Mountains and the project „Nas obchodzi – We care” has aroused many emotions, but also valuable discussion. It is now known that we must change mountains in order to organise it. A bit pity, but the project will be great and we are not giving up.

we will certainly inform you on our further progress… :)


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