Ane Pizl

Ane Piżl

Position :

CEO of the Foundation, paramedic with specialist courses, first aid instructor trainer in EFR, yacht and motorboat skipper, paraglider, manages first aid training company.


Piotr Motyka

Position :

Member of the Board of the Foundation, EFR instructor, motorcyclist, water sports fan and superdad of two active kids. Professionally for years associated with large, multinational corporations in the area of IT Procurement.


Piotr Amenda

Position :

Member of the Foundations Board, mountaineer, paramedic and cave rescuer, EFR first aid instructor, climbing instructor, survival instructor.


Robert Nowakowski

Position :

Member of the Foundations Board, international first aid instructor, climbing instructor, mountaineer, fireman, member of the Polish Mountaineering Association; feels best while rocks and high mountains.


Monika Ziegler

Position :

International EFR first aid instructor, specialist in health care systems, co-created first Safe Water Safe Land - AdrenaLTika Asia Tour project, motorcyclist and wakeboarder.


Ariel Szczotok

Position :

Paramedic, nurse, first aid trainer, medical staff coach, President of the International Paramedic Association, madcap of medicine and all the madness.


Katarzyna Kocznur

Position :

Doctor during urology specialization. Traveller, climber, member of Warmia-Mazury caver club. Lived and worked in Peru and Spain, practicing in local hospitals. Fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan.


Jan Łabza

Position :

Medical devices specialist, involved in a program of public access to defibrillation - PAD, travelling enthusiast, responsible for medical supplies in the Foundation.


Emilia Misiaszek

Position :

Paramedic and EFR international first aid instructor, psychologist, trainer, focuses on personal development, loves canoeing.


Jakub Mitka

Position :

Responsible for IT, website and graphic design in the Foundation. Owner of a company involved in the deployment of PAD – program of public access to defibrillation, travelling enthusiast, sailor, co-owner of a travel shop.


Andrzej Matczyński „Junior”

Position :

EFR first aid instructor, specializes in event organization, professionally engaged in projects designed to improve business processes in aerial firm. Practice orienteering runs with dogs.


Honorata Olesiewicz

Position :

Fitness and bodybuilding instructor, a passionate traveller- dreams that one of them will not have a return date. Crazy about children, adventure and sun. She hates routine!

Rafal male

Rafał Komorowski

Position :

Paramedic, international first aid instructor, loves training off-road, privately a huge travel and old-


Katarzyna Dłużniewska-Łoś

Position :

Trained philologist, for 10 years associated with Spanish and Portuguese studies department at Warsaw University, has created and runs school of foreign languages for children. Consults multilingual projects in the Foundation.

Basia male

Barbara Piżl

Position :

Psychologist, works in the cognitive behavioral approach for the NHS in the UK, a member of the British Psychological Society, specializes in intercultural psychology and therapy. Advises Foundation on cultural differences.


Marcin Łoś

Position :

Lawyer, counsellor in Warsaw, runs a company specializing in corporate and banking law. Supports legal affairs in the Foundation.

marcin wasilewski

Marcin Wasilewski

Position :

EFR first aid instructor, paraglider, professionally involved in supporting startup ecosystem in Poland, enthusiast of aviation and motor sports.


Katarzyna Smółka

Position :

EFR first aid instructor and yoga instructor. Trained as a computer scientist, yet strong humanist spirit; promotes physical activities and pro-health attitudes.