That’s not water off duck’s back for us

This weekend the volunteers of the Safe Water Safe Land Foundation are heading south. To be exact – the South of Poland and to one of the most beautiful mountain rivers in our country. Dunajec – which is the name of the river coming direct from the very old Slavian word „water”, is mostly known for its pictoresque river tours in the traditional, wooden rafts.


Yet, as any mountain river it is unpredictable and might be dangerous. It proved itself to be so only last week, when after the heavy rainfall there were bridges and roads closed.

bialy dun

The Safe Water Safe Land foundation wants to make world a safer place. This time we want to show people how to behave during accidents at water. We will be in Gródek nad Dunajcem public beach on Friday the 27/07 to teach CPR and show how AED works and how effective its usage is for the casualties. On Saturday we will be training with AKTK Bystrze on the mountain canoe track Sunday the 29th of July the final training will be held in Szczawnica. Join us!


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