Let’s get to know each other


Let us introduce our team of Safe Water Safe Land volunteers, who are participating in the Thailand project.

Jasiek is the expert in AED equipment, who sells also other medical equipment;  Monika is a CPR instructor in Emergency First Response, who works with medical personnel recruitment; Kasia is also an international first aid instructor, who works as an architect. Jurek is one of our trainer, but on the daily work, he designs airplane jets, Ane is paramedic and first aid trainer – instructor, and Lukasz is EFR instructor, motorcyclist and travel enthusiast.

Our training team is supported by Tereska and Marzena, who are in charge of photos and films of the project, as well as Kasia and Monika, who moderate our facebook fanpage.

We have made all efforts to realized that project, but it was worth that. As a feedback, we received a lot of gratefulness and energy that drive us to the next projects.

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It was amazing!

After today, we are speechless – more than 60 people  participated in our training. There was a lot of practical CPR exercise as well as the first aid competition. The remarkable part was the simulation, which presented how to help the drowning person, without needless words and additional translation. We understood each other without words.

Finally, our hosts thanked us singing. It was absolutely amazing.

It was really energetic and great training at Baan Than Namchai Foundation.

A good and important day for us!

Watch the video here.


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Today, apart from the training, we had also opportunity to visit orphanage Home&Life Thailand. We spent some time with young pupils of the foundation and home orphanage. This type of institutions are not financed by the public funds, so they need to fundraise money from the different sources. In order to maintenance the place for children, Home and Life runs a cafe and hydrophobic plantations.

You can see their activities on Fb: https://www.facebook.com/home.and.life

We hope that the afternoon with first aid and rescuers was interesting, inspirational and educational for all participants. Looking at the cheerful smiles of children, we are sure about it. It was worth it! We also had a great time!


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FED foundation

We could not dream of a better beginning for our trainings. It was really an exciting day – hard workouts and incredibly energetic groups!
Welcome was very warm and we were most professionally received – we have met some of the foundation staff, teachers, carers. Not only did we train two large groups at Grassroots Foundation, but we also donated phantoms along with a set of CPR training accessories. It will allow students to train more after our departure! Indeed a good day is behind us! We hope the pictures speak louder than words!

Check out our FB fanpage for more pics!



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Ready, steady… go!

Today is the 5th of January and the first day of our project – the most important! This is the real start for Thailand 2017. We are stressed and we cannot hide it! Until the last minute there were preaparations, we have done a general rehearsal, last briefing, and … we will be face to face with a demanding group. We have been working on this for months – really!

First training is in the large Grassroots Human Rights Education & Development (GHRE-FED) foundation in #KhuekKha. Fantastic people that started working first with the victims of the tsunami, leading an orphanage and educational center, and now they are evolving and working with legal and financial assistance to migrant workers, mainly from Burma. This is a very difficult issue here in Thailand that we hope to tell you on another occasion.


first day

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