CPR on the beach

Our summer project CPR on the Beach has taken place in July 2015.

Why? Because FIRST AID is important, sexy, sun-tanned, tastes like margherita and is for EVERYONE! Are you sure it does not concern you? If you have friends, like spending your time actively, travel with kids, go surfing or sailing – you are responsible for life of your close and buddies.

Between 13th and 17th of July our dream-team of instructors and rescuerd has visited surfing spots, snorkling and diving centres, marinas with first aid training events.

Start in Sławutówko – Wake Projekt is one of the most beautiful wakeboard 2.0 spots in Poland. Nearby XIXth century palace and park of the Below family there is energy of tricks and power of adrenaline. In less windy weather not only wakeboarders (who are training everyday) but kitesurfers from the whole Hel Penninsula are visiting for sessions. For everyone to be safe there are a few rules to be obeyed and followed. If anything goes wrong effective and quick action will help you to keep a friend alive. How to do that?

We have trained the team on the 3rd of July, 12.00 in http://www.wakeprojekt.pl

Following days we have been at the already legendary camping Chalupy 6, we’ve trained volunteers of the „Niesforna Fundacja Surferskiej Pomocy”, sailing instructors and sailors from the Academy of Yachting in Jastarnia.

On the 17th of July the Grand Finale of the CPR on the Beach project took place in Hel. 

Along with the diving centrel Dive Land and Hel Firefigheters Team we have organized rescue action in the Hel town and community. That was an superb show.


Our partners throughout the project.: Niesforna Fundacja Surferskiej Pomocy, Camping Chałupy 6, WakeProjekt, AdrenaLTika, Kluczka.pl, Miasto Hel, Easy Surf & Kite Center, DiveLand, Kolibki Adventure Park Gdynia, Ekolaguna, Formoza, WOPR, OSP i Drukpoint.