About the Foundation


Education and breaking stereotypes

The goal of the Safe Water Safe Land Foundation is to reach those corners of the world deprived of access to education in first aid, and where pro-health awareness is really low. Our workshops and meetings reach places far from civilization, to raise awareness of health issues, increase security and safekeeping and show how little it takes to save someone’s life. The Foundation’s aim is to promote first aid among experienced travellers and sailors, tourists that practice active recreation and youth as well. Lifesaving is dynamic, interesting and important – we popularize awareness in this area and the need for regular training – not only in the distant places and lands but Europe too. The Safe Water, Safe Land Foundation organizes training expeditions – in the wilderness, at sea and on different continents – that break down stereotypes about first aid (does anyone claim that it is boring and difficult?).



The definition of health is positive – exactly as our Foundation! It is a state of physical, mental and social well-being. The ability to cope with emergency cases, provide mutual support, maintain relationships, and have access to health care affect individual and collective well-being.

Our actions focus on:

  • Providing direct and real assistance in emergency situations
  • Teaching about medical dressings, their functions and proper application
  • Correct administration of drugs and medication,
  • Conducting training seminars that give practical knowledge on how to deal with specific life-threatening situations
  • Working hard on encouraging a healthy life-style and promoting a strong message of prevention and prophylactic care.



What is a journey? This is changing our place of stay to a distant and/or foreign one. Does it sound good? We think it sounds great! We are supporters, fans, promoters of any journey – the small, the large, the distant and the close. As rescuers, paramedics, first aid instructors and travellers too we want to promote basic principle: safety first. Awareness of the potential risks, training prior to your travel, how to have a properly equipped first aid kit, essential knowledge of the local flora, fauna, weather conditions are the basis for safe journeys. Raising awareness among travellers, sailors, fans of extreme sports and those less extreme ones is our mission.



Climate change is a fact and currently one of the most serious global threats that we have to face. They greatly affect whole communities, particularly in already affected by problems regions such as sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. Climate change is a humanitarian, economic and ecological menace. Global warming, droughts and floods, forest fires, deforestation, water shortage, coastal erosion and rising sea levels – all those problems are followed by harmful consequences for people in the areas endangering food security and sanitation in many parts of the world. The scale of change is so great that even a responsible international cooperation cannot stop many processes that are already happening. One of our aims is to reach out with information, along with adaptation trainings to the places and countries where local communities are particularly vulnerable to the unstoppable effects of climate change – in particular the least developed countries and small island countries which are the most defenceless to the negative effects of climate change, including the risk of total sinking, if the water level will continue to rise, which is one of the consequences of global warming.