Our Thailand Project concept was to prepare people working with children the correct rapid response to cardiac arrest due to drowning. Project team arrived at the begining of the year (2017) to different locations in Khao Lak region. This particular area of Thailand has been severly struck by the tsunami in 2004. We hoped to create great space for tranings, safety guidance and necessary skills for those participating in cooperation with local authorities and activists.

Organization of the trainings: short practical sessions of CPR for casualties after drowning.

Each session was planned to include:

  • introduction
  • followed by exercises on training dummies and training of the recovery position
  • additional time for proceedings in choking situations
  • summary o

Number of participants in every session differed. We were there in a group of 6 instructors and were running the training and practical exercises simultaneously to obtain maximum practice for all the participants.

Our most important resources are people, we have been teaching together in the field of rescue and first aid for years, that gives us great experience and practice. Qualifications and education: paramedics with training clearances and first aid instructors, experience in providing first aid courses, including assistance to children; English language and physical fitness and good health.

If we managed to raise funds for additional equipment (phantoms –CPR dummies) and we left one dummy in every local community to allow continuing with the first aid trainings in the future.

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