AdrenaLTika Asia Tour

It took 1.5 months for the journey first by sea from Phuket during which time training took place for the sailors and then the land leg of the journey which stretched from Bangkok to Kelantan. It was our Partners that made it possible: To go diving and OrtemSailing with those great people that we met along the way. Everything would be different without them.

We have trained several groups of tourists and divers, the Polish crew on the cruise around the Phang Nga Bay in Thailand and several groups of residents in Kelantan – the area affected by flooding in northern Malaysia. The flood was a complete surprise to us. In the places where we had planned our training nothing was left.

The biggest flood in a century literally washed away roads, houses, schools and bridges. For a week we have waited for the „weather window” to get to the North of the country. What we saw there, changed our perspective! We got involved in the transport of basic food parcels, transferred bread and clothes from hand to hand. Basic assistance, basic needs, even time ticked at a different pace.




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CPR on the Beach

CPR on the Beach project is getting closer! Sand, beach, water and surfing – we have just confirmed our July action at the Hel Peninsula. Together with our partners – eg Yachting Academy, Wakeprojekt, Fundacja Surferskiej Pomocy, Dive Land, AdrenaLTika, and Kluczka we plan our rescue project from Puck toHel. It is wonderful to plan projects with kite surfers, wakeboarders and sailors during the long January, winter evenings.

The start of the project will be in Sławutówko Wakepark on July 13 at noon.


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