CPR on the Beach pre-release

CPR on the Beach pre-release – it was a hot evening at Wawa Wake’s Beach!
The mission of Safe Water Safe Land is to promote safety and rescue skills among people who travel and do water sports. That is why we invited wakeboarding fans, wakeboarding instructors and cable operators to participate in a rescue event. There are two 2.0 wake cables in Wawa Wake – one of Warsaw’s wake parks, both are with water obstacles (kickers, slider, and fun box) and although everything was organized with concern for security, it’s not hard for an accident to happen as in all other sports. So we performed our actions at full speed – training was conducted on the water and on the beach. There were lifebuoys, rescue buoys, lifebelts and AEDs in action! We showed how to extract and transport the injured rider from the water using the proper equipment. Afterwards we practiced resuscitation on dummies and the use of AED. Emotions were running high! We now look forward with energy and enthusiasm to July – see you at the Hel Peninsula!

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