For 2016 we would like to plan our African project to reach schools and community centers and train instructors out there who will be able to pass the knowledge further to local residents. We want the footage from that trip to be inspiration and implant greater concern about safety into Polish off-road travellers and explorers at sea on lands – without borders.

Preliminary planning is for the part of the continent – Djibouti and Ethiopia, both countries, as many other African lands depend in large scale on the international aid. At the same time Addis Abebe and other cities being place of activities of different international organisations are reasonable for starting instructors training and spreading vital and life-saving knowledge.

Along with local partners and organisations in Europe associating Ethiopian citizens we would like to organize the biggest possible transport of drugs, bandages and dressings that would help save lifes. Everyone that would like to support us financially or have ideas that would assist or reinforce our project is very welcome.